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Our facility features an impressive selection of tracks, including the iconic 2-mile natural terrain Summit Point Circuit, the exciting 14-turn Jefferson Circuit with elevation changes, the technical 22-turn Shenandoah Circuit with famous turns like the karussell from the Nürburgring, and the ¼ mile tri-circuit skid pad Washington Circuit. We also offer the Potomac Pad, a rectangular asphalt pad for autocross and training, as well countless miles of rally and offroad tracks. With so many track offerings to choose from, Summit Point Motorsports Park is the ultimate destination for motorsports enthusiasts.

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Gasoline Alley

  • Gasoline Alley is the ultimate storage and garage solution for your car and other items. Our row of garages provides a convenient and secure space to store and maintain your prized possession within Summit Point Motorsports Park. With ample parking and maintenance space, electrical outlets, and lighting, our garages are fully equipped to meet your every need. Plus, if you desire, the ability to install a lift is available. Constructed with durable materials, Gasoline Alley is designed to withstand extended use and provide a safe and reliable space for your vehicle, parts, and other items. The prime location at Summit Point Motorsports Park & Training Facility makes Gasoline Alley the perfect choice for any motorsports enthusiast in need of storage and maintenance facilities
  • Large and Small units available, measuring 24’x30’ and 12’x30
  • 24/7 access via electronic keypad entry along with video surveillance
  • Tenant ONLY Public Restroom and Shower Facilities with weekly janitorial services and replenishment
  • Seasonal snow removal
  • Tenant ONLY Disposal Station allowing the onsite disposal of general trash and DEP compliant disposal of Aerosol cans, Florescent bulbs, Antifreeze, Brake fluid and Engine Oil.
  • Outdoor Parking: Area is equivalent in width to the rental unit and about 48’ to 50’ deep is provided. The parking area provided is directly across from the rental unit. Parking area includes one or two numbered parking spaces and the gravel section behind the parking spaces.

Skid Pads

We have 4 functioning wet skid pads on site. There is one on each of the Summit Point, Shenandoah, and Jefferson Circuits as well as one on the Potomac Pad.


Each Circuit has a classroom with ample seating and presentation equipment.

Shenandoah Suites

The Shenandoah Suites are rentable luxury day suites located in the Paddock of the Shenandoah Circuit. The dual suites are rentable individually and together.

Activity Pavilion

Located with a perfect view of Turns 6 through 9 on the Summit Point Circuit, the Activity Pavilion offers a perfect setting for corporate and family gatherings, parties, and more!

On-Site EMS & Fire

Summit Point is proud to have its own EMS Department. Our medical experts help keep participants and spectators safe during all our events.

Summit Point Events

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